At DK, we believe that your muffler doesn’t need to be boring and utilitarian. In fact, it’s an important part of a powerful, functional aftermarket exhaust system. It’s about more than creating that deep, rich purr, or turbo whine, though. Your muffler plays an important part in enhancing power and performance as well.
   Power: Aftermarket mufflers help reduce back pressure, enhancing power and performance in the process.
   Style: At DK, we offer a number of different styles in our selection of aftermarket mufflers, from “coffee cans” to sleek, aerodynamic creations suited for today’s super cars.
   Sound: Stock exhaust is designed to minimize engine noise. Our aftermarket mufflers are designed to maximize that throaty roar, giving you a ride that sounds as good as it looks.


High Polished Exhaust Mufflers

Oval With Dual 3.5" Double Wall Slanted Tip Muffler

Stainless Steel Exhaust Resonators

4" x 19" Resonator Muffler

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camaro exhaust tip

High Polished Tip

Black Chrome 6" Rolled Straight

Black Chrome Tailpipe

Dual 3.5" Double Wall Rolled Slant w/ Blue Flame

Blue Flamed Tip

3" x 12" Angle Tips

Texas Exhaust Tip

5" x 12" Pencil Roll Tip

Diesel Muffler Tip

Mopar Exhaust Tip

Vintage Exhaust Tip