Agriculture exhausts

     Agricultural equipment runs the gamut from tractors to balers and everything in between. It’s an essential component in ensuring that America continues to eat – without reliable equipment, farmers couldn’t till their fields, couldn’t harvest hay to feed livestock, and couldn’t even harvest the produce that grows in their fields. From Mink Tractor Works to John Deere and CTM Johnson, agricultural equipment is vital to our nation’s survival.

Massey Tractor Exhaust

    While having the right equipment is the first step to ensuring a productive operation, maintenance and repairs are also essential. One of the most important is the exhaust system of the equipment. Any equipment with a gasoline or diesel engine has an exhaust system to vent gases. Over time, that system breaks down. Rust, corrosion, carbon buildup and other elements decrease power output and deteriorate the exhaust, eventually leading to failure. In severe cases, it can actually damage the engine itself.

    DK understands how important it is to keep agricultural equipment in good working order. To that end, we offer a broad range of exhaust components. Each component is manufactured to exacting specifications, meeting or exceeding OEM requirements and providing the durability and reliability today’s agricultural industry demands. We invite you to explore our products and find the solution you need.

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agriculture exhaust systems