Who We Are

   Founded in 1993, headquartered in Ningbo, China, DK System is a manufacturing and trading combo with 20+ years’ experience on the market from sound automotive exhaust header , manifold, muffler system to tail pipe for some world leading exhaust manufactures, distributors, auto parts importers, truck equipment companies, racing teams and garage.

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Exhaust Headers & Manifolds


An amazing exhaust system starts at the front of the vehicle. When you want more horsepower, to protect items from high temperature, an amazingly deep, rich sound, and stunning good looks…

Exhaust Mufflers 


USD 8.99 – USD 29.99 ! At DK, we offer a number of different styles in our selection of aftermarket mufflers, from “coffee cans” to sleek, aerodynamic creations suited for today’s super cars.

Stainless Steel Pipes


The key benefit of our piping is its inherent flexibility. Fins set in the design allow the piping to bend and flex, helping to create the ideal exhaust system whether you have to route past axles and differentials or something else.

Exhaust Tips


Exhaust chromes and tips add an undeniable flair to any vehicle. Chrome headers and manifolds provide eye-catching beauty under the hood, while chrome tips add style to the rear of the vehicle. 

How to do Business With Us ?

(We Are An Exhaust Technology Driven Manufacture )

  • You send us your requirements . (We promise to keep it top confidential ! )
  • We’d love to invite you to take a factory tour, of course,  with dinners on the house
  • We will provide several solutions for your confirmation .
  • That’s it – your order is placed, accurate and scheduled for production.
  • Exhaust customization doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Let DK breathe life into your dreams.


Our money-back guarantee is applicable anytime, anywhere, and ensures that if you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

We’re proud of our products, but we’re just as proud to offer them for less than the competition, including your local wholesaler or factories.

While many manufacturers will only take on bulk projects, DK is different. We’re dedicated to serving all clients, and that includes small jobs. Even an order as small as 10 pieces warrants our professional services.

Make your parts stand out with our unique branding services, including stamping your logo and brand name.
Grab customer attention with the right custom packaging. We design packaging to fit your needs and your product.

Latest Exhaust Models

Chevy Camaro 


Whether you opt for the base model with the 3.6-liter V6 engine and 323 hp, the Camaro SS with the 6.2-liter V8 and 426 hp, the Camaro ZL1 …

Ford F Series 


Whether the vehicle in question is a V-6 equipped F-150 or a big diesel engine in an F-350, DK has the answer to enhancing power and performance…

Ford Mustang 


There is no muscle car more iconic than the Ford Mustang. It singlehandedly jumpstarted America’s muscle car scene, and has remained one of the auto …

Dodge Challenger


Available in three different trim levels, the Challenger delivers several different engine choices for those who want to maximize horsepower…