Automotive exhaust systems are deceptively simple at first glance – a couple of straight pipes, a muffler, an exhaust manifold and some hangers generally sum up the system. However, the reality is that your car’s exhaust is a complicated system of different components that must work together in harmony to reduce backpressure and exhaust flow, eliminate gases and provide additional power. DK’s range of flexible pipe helps you create the ideal system.

ceramic coated pipes for trucksceramic coated pipes for trucks

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exhaust Y pipe

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hemi truck pipes

    Traditionally, solid metal pipe was used in automotive exhausts to provide rigidity, strength and durability. Our flexible piping manages to provide those benefits as well as numerous others, making it the superior choice for an aftermarket exhaust.

Benefits of Flexible Pipe:

  1. Strength: Our flexible pipe is as strong as OEM components, and is made from high-grade metal to resist weathering.

  2. Flexibility: The key benefit of our piping is its inherent flexibility. Fins set in the design allow the piping to bend and flex, helping to create the ideal exhaust system whether you have to route past axles and differentials or something else.

  3. Vibration Reduction: Straight, rigid exhaust pipe has one very significant flaw. Its rigidity means that vibrations travel the length of the pipe, amplifying as they go. Those vibrations are transferred into the cabin, as well as to the muffler and tips, creating noise and discomfort. Flexible pipe eliminates unwanted vibration, delivering a smoother ride.

    Browse through our latest flexible pipe offerings designed to fit models like the Chevy Camaro, the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Honda Civic SI and Ford F-Series pickup.