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     Your exhaust system doesn’t have to be boring and plain. Chrome exhaust headers, manifolds, pipes and tips can do a world of wonder for your style, as well as providing the power and performance that you demand. Getting every last ounce of horsepower from that engine doesn’t mean you have to be saddled with an ugly exhaust. DK can help.

The Benefits of Chromed Exhaust
At DK, we’re proud to supply our customers with the broadest range of chromed exhaust components, from headers and manifolds to tips. Each component is precision engineered to the same exacting standards as our other items, plus they offer the benefits only available with high quality chrome.

Durability – When property maintained, nothing beats the durability and weather resistance of chrome. Grime, dirt and exhaust literally wipes right off.

Stunning Beauty – Exhaust chromes and tips add an undeniable flair to any vehicle.