Long TubeLong Tube

     An amazing exhaust system starts at the front of the vehicle. When you want more horsepower, to protect items from high temperature, an amazingly deep, rich sound, and stunning good looks, that means automobile exhaust headers or manifolds.

     At DK, we deliver the highest quality chrome long tube headers and exhaust manifolds in the industry designed specifically for your vehicle to ensure compatibility and an easy installation process.

All HeadersAll Headers

    Opting to remove your stock equipment and install a new custom header or manifold offers a wide range of benefits. DK is proud to deliver power, perform and tons of style:

     Headers:   Headers are a bolt-on solution to improve both aesthetics and power production in your vehicle, by giving each cylinder its own exhaust pipe to maximize power and reduce backpressure.

Mid Length

Mid Length


Block HuggerBlock Hugger  


     Exhaust Manifolds:  Manifolds don’t have to be heavy, clunky pieces of cast iron. Ours do a better job than stock equipment, and weigh far less, helping you shave pounds from your ride and improve power and performance.

     We invite you to browse our latest headers and manifolds – DK offers custom exhaust components for today’s hottest vehicles, including the Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Ford F-Series pickups, Honda Civic SI and Ford Mustang. Affordable, powerful, beautiful – that’s just the beginning.